New Snowplow Attachment for the Steel Green Spreader

New Snowplow Attachment for the Steel Green Spreader

The northeast saw its first snowflakes of the year last week and there are multiple chances for ice and snow in the next coming weeks. Valley Green recently started carrying Steel Green Manufacturing Spreaders at all of our locations. We recently wrote another blog on snow and ice control with a Steel Green Sprayer and Spreader which mainly focused on the spreader and sprayer capabilities for granular and liquid ice melt. This week we are going to talk about the new snowplow attachment for the Steel Green Spreader. Attaching a snowplow to a Steel Green Spreader can easily make it an all-in-one snow and ice control machine. Read on to learn about the new snowplow attachment for the Steel Green Spreader.

Steel Green Spreaders now offer the option the attach a snowplow to turn the spreader into a powerful sidewalk snow removal machine. When the snow season is over, detaching the plow is easy and you can back to seeding and fertilizing within minutes. The plow is made from stainless steel construction and is resistant to salt and liquid deicer. The plow has rubber cutting edges and scrapes clean without damaging the sensitive areas. If you want a Steel Green Spreader that you can attach the plow to, you’ll have to purchase the SG46 or SG52 model.

You can control the plow with live hydraulics. These control the plow angle, down pressure, lift, and float. There are also LED lights that provide ample light to plow at night. If you purchase the SG52, you will be provided with sixty gallons of liquid capacity for liquid deicer and the machine itself can carry up to seven bags of granular ice melt. It truly is an all-in-one snow and ice removal machine.

Purchasing a Steel Green Spreader with a plow will allow property managers, lawn care operators, business owners, and facility managers to maximize their equipment investment by letting them earn revenue in the off-season. Labor costs are also cut down because you only need one person to operate the spreader. The snowplow attachment comes with the plow itself, winter tires, tire assembly, LED lights, and attachment kit. You can also purchase a Z Spray attachment for the plow at an additional cost.

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