Five Common Grass Problems

Five Common Grass Problems

We know that you’re probably not thinking of spring at all after the northeast received almost two feet of snow yesterday! Despite the blizzard, we must remind ourselves that spring is less than two months away. Spring is a busy time for Valley Green, and we will likely be selling a lot of our grass seed. Our custom grass seed blends are one of our most popular products. Here are the five common grass problems we hear about from customers who come into our stores.

Five Common Grass Problems

Am I overwatering my grass?

Even in drier conditions, your lawn should only need about an inch of water per week. That inch of water also includes rainfall. You can tell if you are overwatering by these signs: yellowing or discoloration of the grass, and the presence of a lot of mushrooms. If you have an irrigation system that runs automatically, keep an eye on it as this might be the reason your grass is getting overwatered. If you are going to water your lawn manually, always remember to water less often but deeply. It is also a good idea to only water in the early morning or later at night, so the sunlight doesn’t evaporate the water or burn the grass.

Is my lawn too shady for grass to grow?

Large trees and other structures can create heavy shade. There isn’t much you can do about that except cut the tree down, raise its canopy, or get rid of the structure that is causing the shade. You can also try planting more shade tolerant grass seed. You can tell if your lawn has too much shade if the grass is thinning or there are mats of algae and moss. If you need help finding a good shade tolerant grass seed blend, please reach out to one of our store managers. They’re more than willing to help!

Can my dog damage my lawn?

The short answer is yes. Dog urine is a very common reason grass dies. The urine is very high in salt content which is what kills the grass. If you have a dog combined with yellow dead spots on your lawn, chances are Rover has killed your grass. To fix the spots, pull up the dead grass and then you’ll have to apply Gypsum. Flush the soil with it and then reseed it. Getting your dog to urinate in another area will usually keep the dead spots from coming back.

Compacted soil and an unhealthy lawn.

Compaction from heavy equipment and foot traffic can compact soil and cause the lawn to not grow. Compacted soil will not allow the water to reach the grass roots because it shrinks the essential space needed for the water to flow down. Signs that your lawn is compacted include pooling water, thinning grass, and discolored grass. To check if your soil is compacted, do the following test. Stick a screwdriver into the ground and if it is hard to penetrate the ground, it means your soil is too compacted. Always aerify your lawn in spring and fall to avoid problems with compacted soil.

The grass I planted is growing in patches.

Not all grass seed grows well together. If you are using an old mix of grass seed to repair dead spots or other areas where the grass isn’t growing, you might end up with a poor result. Always purchase grass seed that is suitable for your location and the conditions of your yard. For example, you shouldn’t use a sun-dependent grass seed if your lawn is shaded. You’d be better off with a mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass. If your lawn is extremely shaded, make sure there is Fescue in the grass seed mix.

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