The Hub: Wilmington Spotlight

Valley Green’s Wilmington location has been serving the greater Boston area since 2006. The 14,000-square-foot facility is equipped to blend grass seed to customer specifications with a quick turnaround time. Serving everyone from hydro-seeders to homeowners, the Wilmington team provides turf products for a range of needs.

Six operations employees make up the crew in Wilmington, working well together in a strong team environment. They pride themselves on service, making customers the priority every day. Get to know two of the team members below.

Will Hauser, Location Manager

Will started at Valley Green eight years ago as the assistant manager in Wilmington. He became the location manager about five and a half years ago. Previously, he worked as an assistant golf course superintendent and was ready for a change from the long hours that come with that role.

The work-life balance at Valley Green was a welcome change for Will. He appreciates the consistency of his job now, not working seven days a week like he sometimes did at the golf course. And still being in the turf industry is important to Will, as he has a turf degree from UMass Amherst.

Will grew up near the Wilmington area and now lives there with his wife, Lauren, and son, Henry. They have two dogs named Bella and Leo. Will enjoys golfing, playing hockey, and rooting for the local Boston teams. He also does woodworking, making furniture for family and friends as time allows.

Bob Prince, Warehouse Seed Production Foreman

Bob will celebrate 10 years at Valley Green in January. He started as a warehouse associate and now oversees the mixing of custom seed blends. His role involves blending seed to customer specifications, bagging the seed blends, and preparing them for pickup or delivery. 

Although Bob was new to the turf industry when he came to Valley Green, his previous warehouse production experience with paint products prepared him well for his current role. 

Bob’s favorite parts of the job include driving the forklift, staying in shape with the physical work, and learning about the industry. He also appreciates how small the Wilmington crew is because they all know each other well and have fun on the job. 

Bob lives in New Hampshire and commutes about a hundred miles round-trip to work every day. He grew up with five older sisters in the Manchester, New Hampshire, area. His sisters are still local, so they like spending time together when they can. Bob also enjoys hanging out with friends, sharing meals and watching movies together. His hobbies include softball, tennis, and skiing. Like Will, Bob is a fan of the Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics.

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