How to plant trees successfully

how to plant trees successfully Arbor Day is tomorrow and millions of people across the USA will be planting trees in celebration. We’ve got your guide on how to plant trees successfully. Believe it or not, many factors can influence whether your tree grows well. From placement to soil type, planting trees is very much a science.

  1. Find a good time to plant: If you are planting for Arbor Day, you are doing it at an optimal time. Experts recommend planting trees either in early spring or fall.
  2. Pick a healthy tree: Healthy trees have bright and healthy bark, their trunk should be free of disease and injury, and they should have wide-angle crotches for strength.
  3. Pick a good spot to plant a tree: Don’t plant the tree on the hill. Trees are vulnerable to soil erosion. You can also save on home cooling costs if you plant the tree close to your home so that it provides ample shade.
  4. Choose the soil to plant the tree in: Your tree will typically grow better in native soil than in bagged soil. Break up the soil you removed and save it for backfill.
  5. Be sure to add mulch: Add about 2 inches of mulch on the dug-up area, but don’t pile it against the trunk. This will help hold moisture and protect the roots in cold climates

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